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Marketware International is introducing SocialEdge.App.  Our purpose is to enable our customers to be competitive and disruptive in the marketplace through innovative technology solutions while helping them to navigate successfully through multiple waves of technology change.  And to become a recognized leader in Digital Transformation leveraging AI, Data and Analytics. SocialEdge.App is taking a first step toward that goal.


There is more news content available today than ever before, much more than a reader can digest and manage.  SocialEdge.App is a social collaboration tool, the first of its kind on the market that connects users through content management.

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the new competitive 


SocialEdge.App is a first on the market to provide access through your mobile phone as well as through your voice-activated Amazon Alexa echo devices.  


When users can personalize the details of their personal lives - they expect personal access to News information at anytime and anywhere.  We are delivering a level of integration that makes our application a leading news app on the market today by far.  

There is more information available today than ever before, much more than anyone can digest and understand without assistance.

Why just read news when you can see what others are thinking about the news, share it, read our data  analytics, see charts and more.  


SocialEdge.App allows for a new level of mobile experience by empowering users with a wealth of knowledge and data analytics at their immediate disposal. 

SocialEdge.App may also be considered as a transformational wealth management mobile application targeted to busy professionals, users with an inquisitive mind or advisors offering unique capabilities.​

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Inspire and Motivate - SocialEdge.App A new way to engage.

Manage Content

Get Curated and non-Curated news content.

Categorize News stories into news folders.

Become more informed about company news and industries from anywhere, anytime.​​

Personalize Content

See Sentiment Analysis trends on Companies of interests from news feeds and social media.

Create Watch Lists for companies in news articles.

Alerts on tracked companies and

discover interesting correlations of news topics, save the content, for later discussion and actions.

Connect - Create Community

Watch company and sector performance over time.

Collaborate or start a conversation with followers or connect through messaging.

Share information learned with friends and family via Social Networks

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SocialEdge.App by Marketware International is just what you’ve been looking for — a new, industry-leading App that gives users the chance to simplify the process of reading news and to make it much more interactive and interesting. Our easy-to-use platform starts with a wide range of features that were created with an aim to provide an integrated access to news either through your phone or Amazon Alexa.  With real-time options and unlimited access, this is one App you’ll definitely want to download. Check out what it can do for you.

Easy. Smart. Accessible.

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