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Marketware International, Inc.


Marketware International has developed software solutions for the financial community since 1995. Marketware developed state-of-the-art online transaction processing systems and client/server financial applications for the largest banks and brokerages around the globe. 

Through our online trading platform offering, users in various markets in North America, Europe, and Asia are trading stocks, mutual funds, and options.  


Today, the Marketware webBroker continues to be a fully customizable trading platform that now consists of real-time Analytics to provide your active traders a streamlined trading experience. 

In addition comprehensive coverage of equities, commodities, funds, FX and macro economic events.

Marketware webBroker

Trading and a new level of financial market insight, incorporating proprietary content. Utilising the power of modern machine learning, natural language programming and algorithms we bring you news and understanding from over 1.5 million Data sources. With a new degree of analytical computation and state of the art visualization, ensure that your active traders are fully connected to the events shaping the markets and impacting their portfolio.

News Data Analytics & Sentiments Analysis 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) based sentiment analysis to be used as a guide to assess the impact of news on the stock market, in real time to help your active traders make informed trading decisions.

Versatility in Application

In addition to trading the Marketware webBroker incorporates it its Architecture related news articles that facilitates the research process using advanced entity recognition and mathematical algorithms.  


Leverages millions of data nodes are processed in real time for intuitive, insightful graphs and clear visual indicators of dozens of factors about stock market dynamics.

Data and AI

Talk to us about for Data and Artificial Intelligence Services.  Together with our partners, we can help you unlock value to transform your digital business

Beyond Scrolling
News and Quotes

During trading clients can incorporate access to the following features on any device, anywhere, any time.

Trending News
The events from around the world impacting and shaping the markets, delivered from over a million sources, in real time.

Streaming News
Financially relevant news and views coming from social media, such as twitter, Blogs and other sources. Filtered to provide only relevant insight.

Personalized Delivery
Delivered on a personal basis: as a Web site, as an integrated tab in a portal or third party work station, or on a mobile device, built to provide the views that you need for you and your clients. Alerts on companies, topics and pricing to identify threats and opportunities for your customers.

Tools and Analysis
Stock and fund screeners, advanced charting, company fundamentals, earnings, time-based studies, your own or external research and visual displays of data.

Regulatory insight
Unprecedented insight and visualization of key Equity drivers such as Insider Deals, Short interest and Broker Recommendations.

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

The Marketware webBroker platform is continuously improving, The innovative Analytics features we now include are essential tools for for efficient trading.  It is what traders ask for and need to make intelligent decisions.

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