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Marketware webBroker - Innovation First!

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

At Marketware International, we want to support our clients in creating the trading platform that’s right for them and their active traders. Earlier this year, working closely with our clients and partners we enhanced Marketware’s webBroker through the integration of market data and analytics to provide traders with added real-time market insights and social sentiments during the trading process. It is no surprise that, many online brokers find themselves re-thinking the trading technologies necessary to compete effectively. By embracing this new focus on Data & Analytics, we have created a new and agile framework that incorporates the necessary tools to support the traders’ experience.

The rapid pace of technology adoption is expected to further expand, as we continue this journey, Marketware is adding key elements of functionality to the webBroker platform—with the aim to respond to traders’ need for valuable insights.

Marketware webBroker is the one customizable trading tool brokers need for their online traders.

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