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Business Plan

We empower investment banks, wealth and asset management firms to thrive in the evolving landscape.


Drive Growth with Technology-Driven Transformation

Drawing on our deep understanding of capital markets and data-driven insights, our team seeks to assist firms in reimagining their business models, accelerating growth, enhancing operational efficiency, and managing risks. Explore how we can guide you through transformative change now.


Serving Specific Segments


Our focus spans three market segments, delivering a comprehensive range of services to drive business transformation and empower leaders with clear strategic direction.


  • Asset Management

Forge growth strategies, elevate customer engagement, and streamline operations for asset managers.

  • Wealth Management

From comprehensive advice with a robust digital and personal engagement model to shaping the future of wealth, we enable wealth managers to undergo transformative change.

  • Investment Banking

Guide investment banks through change, spanning new technologies, operations, business models, and value creation.


Offering Dynamic Capabilities


We provide a suite of solutions and capabilities designed to enable capital markets firms to create value and foster shared success for their customers, employees, and communities.

Focused topics and techniques

Leveraging cutting-edge technology adoption, we tailor our expertise to empower businesses with insights and strategies that enhance decision-making, operational efficiency, and overall performance.

A woman analysing stocks

Analytical Methods

Predictive Analytics:
  • Custom Machine Learning Models: Design and train models specifically for forecasting transaction volumes, adjusting for market-specific triggers.

  • Advanced Time Series Analysis: Apply cutting-edge methods, like machine learning-enhanced ARIMA or deep learning approaches, to provide more accurate forecasts.

Event Study Methodology:
  • Tailored Event Analysis: Conduct detailed studies of past events with a focus on how similar events could affect the client's specific market segment.

  • Custom Scenario Modeling: Create models that not only predict the impact of market events but also provide actionable insights tailored to the client's strategic response.

Data Processing

Performance Optimization

System Load Capacity Planning:
  • Adaptive Capacity Forecasting: Integrate AI to dynamically forecast and adapt to system load changes, ensuring high availability and performance.

  • Elastic Scalability Solutions: Propose cloud-based solutions with a focus on cost-effective scalability in line with predicted load variations.

Real-time Data Processing:
  • Streamlined Stream Processing: Implement customized stream processing workflows using technologies like Apache Kafka, tailored to the client's data infrastructure.

  • Micro-level High-Frequency Analysis: Offer specialized services to dissect and anticipate the effects of high-frequency trading on the client’s operations.

Business meeting

Risk Management & Tech

Risk Management:

  • Scenario-based Stress Testing: Provide stress testing services using AI to simulate a range of scenarios, offering a clearer picture of potential risks.

  • Intelligent Anomaly Detection: Implement AI-driven anomaly detection systems designed to flag potential issues before they affect operations.

Technology Adoption:

  • Integration of AI and Automation: Present a strategy for integrating AI and automation tools that are specifically selected to enhance the client's operational workflows.

Our Consulting Steps Unveiled

Let's transform challenges into opportunities together! 




  • Review your current capabilities

  • Define future goals

  • Make recommendations for tools, technology, and architecture


Proof of Concept


  • Test a small-scale system

  • Prove the viability of ML models for your specific problem



  • Put the ML system into production

  • Consider implementation and maintenance costs during deployment

Transform Your Product Development with Marketware

In today's dynamic landscape, a deal-driven, project-based approach falls short of achieving the speed, innovation, and customer satisfaction needed for sustainable growth. Enter our product-centric operating model — a game-changer that aligns your portfolio, harnesses data-driven insights, and taps into digital-native capabilities. This shift empowers your business to reduce time-to-market and achieve scalable success.


Marketware serves as your strategic partner in this transformation journey. We collaborate with you to revamp business processes, drive product and platform innovation, and foster a culture geared towards long-term customer value. Our multidisciplinary teams, armed with deep engineering expertise, understand your unique needs, shaping a roadmap for digital transformation. Together, we execute your strategy iteratively, meeting your customers' expectations without compromise. Ready to drive sustained value? Partner with us."

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