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About Crypto platform

Now, in collaboration with our technology partners we are introducing a trading platform technology to enable crypto trading.


Combining over 25 years of supporting institutional and self-directed retail trading across equities, options, fixed income, forex and futures.  

This experience, expertise and technology result in the most advanced institutional cryptocurrency trading platform available on the market.

It provides a complete 360-degree solution designed to meet the essential needs of broker/dealers and exchanges.

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Crypto for Brokers

  • Creation and streaming of consolidated order book from multiple exchanges via FIX, web sockets and REST interfaces

  • Flexible Pricing Engine with ability to define custom price levels and multiple price tiers

  • Advanced execution management system (EMS) with internal matching engine (ECN) and FIX order flow interfaces

  • Smart Order Routing (SOR)

  • Algo Execution

  • Ability to develop, back-test and optimize custom SOR and execution algorithms

  • Post-trade TCA system

  • Flexible pre-trade risk management

  • Flexible CRM system with advanced account configuration and management

  • Integration with crypto wallet management systems

  • Enterprise-grade data warehouse for storing and streaming all historical prices

  • Advanced reporting and trade surveillance system (to be developed)

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Crypto for Exchanges

  • Institutional-grade interfaces for streaming market data and receiving order flow:

  • FIX and multi-cast interfaces: market-by-order (Level 3) and market-by-level (Level 2)

  • Web Sockets and REST APIs

  • Co-located multi-cast and FIX interfaces for advanced HFT and market makers

  • Enterprise-grade time series data warehouse with the ability to publish and distribute historical price data via modern streaming API’s in modern languages including Python, C++, C#, Java, R and Matlab.

  • Ultra-low latency matching engine with ability to implement custom matching algorithms and order types.


  • Ability to add custom exchange hosted execution algorithms

  • Full transaction cost analysis (TCA) system

  • Advanced trade surveillance and reporting systems (to be developed)

  • Fully functional exchange simulator and UAT environment for paper-trading and FIX certifications

  • Audit and risk management

  • Integration with external settlement systems

  • Proprietary cloud-based state-of-art research and strategy development infrastructure for quants, robo-traders and market makers.

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