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Effect of Covid-19 pandemic on the North American asset management.

Asset managers looking to succeed in this dynamic setting should move assertively for market share. The following are some of the trends that have fast-tracked the past eighteen months and are helping shape growth for the industry.

  1. Technology-enabled mass customization (direct indexing, managed accounts, fractional share trading)—extending access to value that have historically been available to institutions and high-net-worth investors.

  2. The rise of digital assets opening the door for participation in new sources of return between asset class lines

  3. Digital distribution— opportunities for asset managers to deliver greater sales and services to clients in all channels

  4. Thematic investing— extending opportunities to investors by providing access to asset classes that are outside of the traditional norms and industry sectors.

  5. ETFs next big act — spurred by demands from investors, also due to tax efficiency, and effective asset managers insight

  6. The Rise of “alternatives”— opportunities in private equity, real estate, and yield-oriented asset classes.

According to recent reports “As of 2020, global financial assets equaled $422 trillion dollars, of which only one-third is managed by third-party asset managers”. The possibilities are great for asset managers who can provide high-class investment performance, and advanced solutions to meet investor demands.

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