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Wednesday, 29 January 2014 00:00

Millenials – new version of webBroker iN-Touch is coming soon!

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In October 2010, Microsoft shared a report called, “Millennials Need Bankers, They Just Haven’t Met You Yet.” 

451-Marketing-MillennialsIn an online survey of 1,675 U.S. adults, Microsoft found that given the choice, 60% of Millennials would choose never to set foot in a bank again, but to handle everything online, and 90% say they are confident they can manage their personal finances. However, 22% say they are open to financial advice. Surprisingly, though, Baby Boomers are heavier users of most online banking features than Millennials, except for linking and opening accounts online. In a more recent survey by UBS – Only 28% of the millennials surveyed said that long-term investing was key to achieving success, compared with 52% of respondents in other generations.

The Microsoft survey asked Millennials what they would come back to a bank branch for. About half (52%) said financial planners, 47% said accountants, 38% said investment brokers, and 37% said insurance agents. Millennials surveyed see the benefit of using personal financial management tools: 59% of young PFM users said it gives them a greater understanding of how they spend their money, 52% said it helps them live within their budget, 43% said it results in fewer overdue bills, 40% said they pay fewer penalties and late fees due to PFM, and 31% said they bounce fewer checks and have fewer overdrafts because of it. For Advisor access Marketware International is introducing a new version of its application under the “webBroker iNTouch” brand. Stay tuned… Hope to hear from you. Pass this message along to friends and, colleagues.




Jose Pierre

José Pierre, founder and CEO of Marketware International Inc., leads a firm that provides strategic consulting to both top-tier multinational financial institutions and their vendors as well as turnkey solutions for global trading and portfolio management.


José Pierre founded Marketware International in 1995, based on a vision of developing technology platforms for secure, cost effective, high volume online trading and portfolio management. By 1997, TD Waterhouse, Royal Bank of Canada, CIBC and other top-tier North American firms were clients. In 1999, TD Waterhouse acquired Marketware and Mr. Pierre, as SVP for International Technology for the TD Waterhouse Group, directed the development and delivery of high volume, local securities trading platforms throughout Europe and Asia.

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